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Need a real vacuum at some point. Need it full of filtered argon.

Somewhat inspired by this device, which cost $750 + $600 for shipping, and is totally not worth it.

I'm going to build a box to do some of the OLED work in, with some built in facilities for:

  • gauntlet/glove sealing
  • dust removal (ionization)
  • UV ilumination
  • spin coating
  • vacuum w/heat
  • temperature reading (either use 8 segment thermopile or buy thermopile from 3ric)
  • testing the LED (electrodes wired to the outside of the box)

It's some overkill but it should be easy enough to make, and will prove useful in doing things like providing an even layer of polymer and being able to remove moisture, as well as making it easy to avoid getting oil from fingers onto the device. Ideally it will be designed in such a way that it's not for a fixed size workpiece, and it can be used for other work which needs to be dust free.

I will also be building a small fume hood/mixing chamber meant primarily for working with materials that are harmful to skin/eyes/respiratorary systems. In the case of dealing with mixing powders, the fume hood will not be on, but in the case of using ethanol, it's a requirement.

This page contains random resources for doing so. Plan out in Sketchup?

Building the boxes:


  • Pay the cost for non acrylic to be acid safe?
  • Effects of polymer dye fumes on container?


Going to start out using the Aldrich AtmosBag:

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