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Adaptive 32x24 RGB Led Display Module

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Reversing status:

  • Fully reverse engineered!

Main features:

  • Module for Infinity Series B displays.
  • Power supply is 24V DC.
  • Driven by EP2C5T144C8 @ ~25mhz
  • 6 MBI5026GD display drivers for low side
  • 12 dual mosfets for high side
  • 2 rj45 jacks for array control, using rs-485 protocol.
  • Very much like the design for the 72x24 model, trades a Cyclone II and something is different about the mosfets, also pushes the resistors away from the drivers and closer to the LEDs.

Pictures (note the rework needed on the chip):

squarematrix1.jpg squarematrix2.jpg squarematrix3.jpg squarefpga.jpg

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